TAO Chinese Garden Party 2018 - While people are always pointing out how the ARTS affect us, we rarely think about how we influence the ARTS. The development of the home computer has given us Digital Art and now we don’t know if that person in the photograph ever existed; or imagine that one superlative musical talent rebels and a new genre of music takes all of the awards; and consider global warming, which may well change the style and fabric of our favorite pajamas (can you live without flannel?). Another way we influence the arts is when one culture adopts a traditional style from another: some people work to help preserve it and others work with it to develop new ways of looking at the world. This story will introduce you to some folks who are working with traditional art forms because they love them. And they bring beauty into all of our lives. I present TAO ARTS Chinese Garden Party. For more stories like this one, watch About Towne on ICTN. For more information on ICTN, visit
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